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Welcome to our Toyota Wrecker Workshop's Warranty Page, where assurance meets excellence. Our commitment extends beyond service to guarantee quality, offering peace of mind with each visit. Explore the details below, and experience confidence in every journey with our reliable warranty backing your vehicle's performance and reliability.

Warranty Overview

Ensuring the integrity of our commitment to quality, we extend warranties to cover transmissions and engines consistently. However, it is imperative to acknowledge that warranty coverage for other products may vary. Prior to purchase, we recommend consulting with our dedicated sales team to verify the availability of warranties, as Toylex R Us cannot assume responsibility for any misinterpretation of our guidelines as well as terms and conditions. Our warranty offerings include periods of 3, 6, and 12 months, with specific details confirmed at the point of sale and documented on your invoice for your reference.

Further Information

Our standard warranty encompasses the replacement of faulty Toyota parts. In the event of a second-hand Toyota part exhibiting defects at the point of sale, we undertake to provide a replacement part. It is important to note that labor costs are not included in our standard warranty. In instances where a faulty part is installed by us, we commit to supplying and replacing the defective component. Additionally, for customers who opt for the purchase of an engine and installation package, we extend a complimentary 1000 Kilometer check-up for added assurance and satisfaction.

For any warranty claim, we kindly request the submission of an invoice or valid proof of purchase. To safeguard your warranty coverage, we urge adherence to our specified terms and conditions. Failure to comply may result in voiding the warranty, a circumstance we aim to avoid as it can be disappointing to inform customers of warranty voidance.

Toyota Affiliation Disclaimer

Toylex R Us has no affiliation with or sponsorship or approval from Toyota or any member of the Toyota group of companies.




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