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Toylex R Us, situated in Derrimut, Melbourne, boasts two vital facilities. The workshop at 100 Castro Way is tailored for passenger vehicles while our commercial yard at 104 Castro Way is dedicated to specialized services for commercial vehicles, providing extensive Toyota wrecker services. We take great pride in our profound expertise and comprehensive knowledge of Toyota parts, matched by our unwavering commitment to precision and efficiency. Our swift and meticulously executed delivery services, characterized by both speed and fair pricing, extend across Australia. Moreover, through effective communication, we offer international delivery, ensuring a seamless and reliable experience for our valued customers.

Delivery Services & Policies

Toylex R Us has consistently partnered with TNT, our trusted courier, for prompt delivery of Toyota parts to your doorstep, often within 1 business day of receiving payment. Collaborating with TNT enables us to extend complimentary delivery to our commercial clientele in the Melbourne metro area, ensuring same-day delivery with an 11 AM cut-off. Renowned for our fast and precise delivery service, reflected in numerous positive reviews, we take pride in swiftly delivering quality used Toyota parts to our valued customers.

Things to consider

When assessing your purchase at Toylex R Us, your preferred Toyota wrecker, it's crucial to factor in various miscellaneous expenses and potential issues that may arise. Below is a comprehensive list of considerations when ordering from our trusted Toyota wrecker in Melbourne, Toylex R Us.

In accordance to our usage conditions, users should keep in mind that: 

      • Free delivery exclusively applies to commercial customers within the Melbourne Metro area.
      • When reviewing freight prices, please note potential variations between what is displayed on Google and the final checkout. Our prices reflect real-time rates from TNT.
      • Note: If you observe significant disparities, kindly contact us by phone, as it may indicate a miscalculation.
      • With large and bulky Toyota parts, often pertaining to private purchases, such as but not limited to engines or gearboxes, we may request additional information such as the availability of a forklift or similar equipment at the delivery address.
      • Note: Additional charges will apply for unloading services, or you may need to provide your own unloading equipment if products exceed 30kg, following TNT's guidelines.
      • Disclaimer: Toylex R Us does not take responsibility for any product returns or additional freight cost due to failure to follow TNT guidelines.
      • Kindly inform us if you prefer your item not to be left without a signature by the courier. Once an item is scanned as delivered, it is considered in your possession.

Delivery Options

We provide an array of delivery and collection options, ensuring a customized and optimal experience for our customers when purchasing Toyota parts. Our available choices are outlined below:

      • We offer swift and convenient door-to-door delivery services for your Toyota parts, ensuring a seamless and expeditious experience.
      • We also offer the convenience of direct delivery to your preferred mechanic, a popular choice among our clientele.
      • We extend our delivery services to both private and commercial establishments. However, we recommend reviewing our guidelines to prevent incurring additional costs due to potential oversights.
      • Another favored option is the ability for customers to personally collect their products. You have the flexibility to pick up your parts from either of our locations. While most items are readily available on the shelf, there might be a brief wait if the part is still on a vehicle. For expedited service, feel free to call us in advance, and we'll ensure your order is prepared for your prompt pickup.

Returning Options

Given the nature of our secondhand products, we emphasize the importance of thoroughly reviewing our Terms of Sales and Terms and Conditions. Refunds are available, but can be a tedious process. The process can be expedited with your proactive assistance and communication. We strongly recommend reading our terms thoroughly before making a purchase and encourage you to reach out with any inquiries prior to completing a transaction. Failure to adhere to our guidelines may result in the voiding of refund opportunities:

      • Most of our advertisements feature actual images of the specific item you will receive. In cases where obtaining a clear shot of the part fitted to the vehicle is challenging, we may utilize a generic picture from our own stock. Be assured that you will consistently receive the highest quality used Toyota parts available in such instances.
      • In the event that the second-hand Toyota part you receive significantly differs from the advertisement or is found to be faulty or damaged, you may initiate a return, and we will promptly replace the item at no additional cost. To facilitate this process, we kindly request the return of the original part being replaced.
      • We encourage you to promptly contact us in the event of any such issues, allowing us to swiftly address and rectify the situation. For further insights, we recommend reviewing our comprehensive Terms & Conditions.
      • If you are located in Melbourne and have received the part through our complimentary delivery service, you have the option to return the part with the driver, and the replacement will be delivered on the next business day. In the event that the driver has already departed, kindly reach out to us, and we will arrange for the part to be picked up and exchanged. If a replacement is unavailable, a refund will be promptly processed.
      • To prevent purchasing the wrong part due to misdiagnosis, feel free to consult with us. Our knowledgeable sales team, boasting extensive industry experience, is dedicated to assisting you. We understand the intricacies of Toyota parts and vehicles and are committed to addressing your specific needs and challenges.
      • Note that: Returns, that are approved, will carry a 30% restocking fee unless stated otherwise.
      • Kindly be aware that should you order incorrect parts, you will be liable for any charges associated with the return and re-supply of items. We strongly advise ensuring the accurate selection of parts before placing an order.

Toyota Affiliation Disclaimer

Toylex R Us has no affiliation with or sponsorship or approval from Toyota or any member of the Toyota group of companies.




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