Terms & Conditions

We offer various warranties on all our items. Please read our Terms and Conditions as failure to abide by them will result in our warranty being voided. It isn’t a nice feeling having to tell someone they have voided their warranty so please read our terms and conditions carefully.

If the engine is installed here at Toylex R Us, we offer a 1000 Kilometre service free of charge.
  1. The Purchaser acknowledges that the goods are second hand and in a satisfactory condition and parts are supplied are as requested.
  2. Replacement warranty on goods for 30, 60 or 90 Days as specified at the time of sale. Warranty periods may be longer if stipulated in the advert.
  3. The warranty period begins strictly from the date of invoice. There are no exceptions.
  4. All Deposits paid will be deemed as a purchase order and are non-returnable. Toylex R Us Pty Ltd will not accept returns due to incorrect diagnosis or the item is no longer required.
  5. Under no circumstances will re-worked goods be accepted for credit.
  6. All engines are sold as bare long. All attached accessories are not included in warranty and are left on engines for your convenience only.
  7. Warranty will be void if an incorrect fitting is found to of caused the issue, lack of lubricant or faulty cooling system causes damage.
  8. Warranty does not cover oil leaks. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure the condition of all gaskets and oil seals.
  9. Electrical items will have a limited warranty period specified in the advert or at the time of purchase. NOTE: Toylex R Us will not accept returns on electrical items due to incorrect diagnosis.
  10. All goods remain the property of Toylex R Us until full payment is made and all cheques have cleared. 
If unsure about anything please contact us to verify before proceeding, It is better to know where you stand and we are always here to help.